Office of Human Resources

Office of Human Resources

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Located on the third floor of Munger Memorial Hall, the Human Resources Office is a part of the Business and Finance Division of the college. HR is responsible for the recruitment and employment of administrative and support staff; administration of the campus benefit programs; staff development and training; and faculty, staff, and student risk management.

To contact a member of the Human Resources staff, email [email protected] or call (205) 226-4656.

For employment verification, please call 205-226-4656.

Send payroll-related questions to [email protected].


    Safety and Security

    The college is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees. Birmingham-Southern employs its own Campus Police Department. Their goal is to ensure safety and provide service to the campus community.

    The Emergency Response Manual provides a contingency plan for the campus community in the event of an emergency.

    Driving Campus Vehicles

    The college maintains an Approved List of Drivers for campus vehicles. The minimum age to drive a campus vehicle is 21. A satisfactory motor vehicle report (MVR) is also required. A minimum of three business days is required to process the MVR. Please complete the "Request to Add A New Driver" form and "Employment Inquiry Release" form for approval. Please contact the Human Resources Office for additional information.